"Maintain Zine, Chapter 1" by Rob Dolecki

Image of "Maintain Zine, Chapter 1" by Rob Dolecki


-First in a series of 100% independent, ad-free 'zines by photographer Rob Dolecki

-Full-color, 36 pages, 12" X 8 1/2" Printed in Philadelphia

-Previously unseen photos shot throughout 6 continents; with Jake Frost, Dakota Roche, Luc Legrand, Chase Hawk, Bob Scerbo, Dave Belcher, Mark Gralla, Garret Hoogerhyde, Zac Costa, Eric Hennessey, Jared Washington, Conall Keenan, Kevin Vannauker, Jeff Kocsis, Joey Piazza, Edwin De La Rosa, Ralphy Ramos, Mike Rose, Nathan Williams and more.

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